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Goat milk 4% PET

Fresh semi-skimmed milk - Packaging: 1 L PET bottle 4% fat;

Nutritional point of view, milk is considered as an important source of calcium that provides high quality protein and fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble. It is also the product that provides a wide range of body bio-active substances with multiple physiological activities in the intestinal tract. These activities result in improved nutrient absorption, inhibition of enzymes, modulation of the immune system and defending against pathogenic bacteria. Many of these bioactive substances act to preserve and even optimizing gastrointestinal health.
Milk is called “White Blood” by its nutritious value. He has over a hundred of nutrients necessary for human life (20 amino acids, fatty acids over 10, four kinds of lactose, 25 vitamins, 45 minerals, proteins). In order to obtain a milk quality in our unit is much greater emphasis on the manufacturing process. Therefore, drinking milk is obtained by high temperature short time pasteurization (HTST) and sudden cooling at 4 ° C after being previously undergone bactofugării by mechanical removal of pathogenic microbial load. Thus obtained, the milk is packed in 1 litter  PET bottles.

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