About us

ALMERA INTERNATIONAL SRL is a manufacturer of dairy products

Established in 1996, the company held an initial import-export business of food. Beginning in 1999, the company started processing milk in a small dairy section built in Galati.

In 2002, take over the company’s dairy Agribac – Roman-Dutch joint venture. Benefiting from the start of an excellent technical equipment, dairies in Bacau was refurbished by SAPARD “Upgrading and re-fresh dairy products division in Bacau dairies to manufacture probiotic dairy products” .

Brand was introduced “bigPanda – A tasteful choice” that the company has released almost the entire country. He gradually increased the amount of processed milk, so it was necessary to extend and re-plant. To this end the project was implemented SAPARD “modernization, expansion and re dairies Bacau”.
ALMERA INTERNATIONAL LLC uses a modern milk processing technology with the latest equipment, keeping the initial properties of raw materials. Thus, pasteurization line recently acquired, is equipped with a bactofugă, whose purpose is to remove most of the bacteria in milk through a mechanical cycle.

Aseptic bottling lines, allowing a hygienic packaging of dairy products, together with appropriate heat treatment, increase the validity of dairy products.

Plant Specialists, having high qualification and extensive experience, are ongoing concern the quality of products.

We provide consumers dairy products that are derived solely from fresh milk and selected lactic cultures. In this way we can say that all dairy products offered to consumers under the brand “Big Panda – A choice sanogenetic tastefully produced, to help maintain health.


Quality and food safety in general and especially dairy products are essential for ensuring a high level of protection of human health and consumer interests. In recent years, automated milk processing technologies has seen an upward trend as a natural consequence of having a diversified product mix, becoming increasingly complex food chain. Following is imposed due to the intensification of production quality control measure, and the finished product especially in terms of its safety for the consumer.

To manage these problems the EU has proposed the addition of a new concept has developed food safety and food safety White Paper (Brussels, January 12., 2000) in which to set an objective regaining public confidence in food, food science, food law and in control of food systems. Food safety management system, known internationally and who has proven effective in all sectors of the food industry, dairy industry and implicitly, the HACCP system.

Management INTERNATIONAL SRL Galati SC ALMERA aware of the importance and obligation principles governing the processing of raw milk in dairy products for human consumption, has taken all necessary measures to ensure uniform legal framework for development of technical standards and quality of products made for consumption. To ensure a high level of consumer health protection, management About ALMERA INTERNATIONAL LTD The idea that requires a solid scientific basis for all technologies used in the factory in Bacau, where there is getting BIG PANDA branded dairy products, and to provide a solid scientific basis, it takes a large team of specialists from various fields (food technology, biochemistry, medicine, electronics, etc.). This team, while welding, and has had an impact on the orientation of the applied technologies, directing them towards obtaining high quality dairy products and offers consumers safe.

Team has established procedures which directly impact the safety of dairy products supplied to consumers. They are in accordance with national legislation requirements in the food industry as well as those stipulated in international agreements to which Romania is part.


What our customers say

"What we found best on the market today at Real. chanterelle mushrooms (15 lei casserole), Hrib (21 lei, but difficult to clean, some were compromised, very carefully), best of all rocky cherry (5 lei-something) and A breakthrough in glass that says "Cream of yogurt" on is exactly BigPANDA yogurt taste that one before 89, who was on the glass jars with lids for polishing. But just Do not miss if you see. I forget the price. "


"And I'm big fan of products that BigPANDA try and feta in whey. And the correct answer: yes, it's very good, 15 lei 900g box (cheese, whey did not). There is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive , gonna take, we liked. "


"We are big fans Panda. I am, I think, closest to natural dairy products we can find in the store."


"I drink sana Big Panda. The label has a beef with orange bob."

(Alina Petrescu)