Bacau dairy products factory:

  • Str. Alexei Tolstoi, nr. 67, Bacau - Romania
  • Tel./Fax: +40 234.588.380

Storage Galati:

  • Str. Cetateanul Ion, nr. 7, hala 5A, Galati - Romania
  • Tel./Fax: +40 236.466.225

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About us

Established in 1996, the company held an initial import-export business of food. Beginning in 1999, the company started processing milk in a …

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Product of the week

20% fat cream

Sour cream with a creamy consistency and taste, fermented and sweet..

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What our customers say

"What we found best on the market today at Real. chanterelle mushrooms (15 lei casserole), Hrib (21 lei, but difficult to clean, some were compromised, carefully )..."


"And I'm big fan of products that BigPANDA try and feta in whey. And the correct answer: yes, it's very good."


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