• Yogurt is undoubtedly the most popular fermented milk product. The world has grown over the years, consumption of yogurt and is still increasing in many countries. Today there is a wide variety of types of yoghurt which distinguishes between them by texture, taste and aroma. The viscosity and texture of yogurt can vary greatly from one product to another.

  • Cream 12% fat – Packing: 850g bucket

    Cream, with a creamy consistency and taste, fermented and sweet, with different percentages of fat is designed to meet the most demanding tastes of our customers. BigPANDA 12% fat cream is used for preparing meals.

  • Nutritional point of view, milk is considered as an important source of calcium that provides high quality protein and fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble. It is also the product that provides a wide range of body bioactive substances with multiple physiological activities in the intestinal tract. These activities result in improved nutrient absorption, inhibition of enzymes, modulation of the immune system and defending against pathogenic bacteria.

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Established in 1996, the company held an initial import-export business of food. Beginning in 1999, the company started processing milk in a …

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20% fat cream

Sour cream with a creamy consistency and taste, fermented and sweet..

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"What we found best on the market today at Real. chanterelle mushrooms (15 lei casserole), Hrib (21 lei, but difficult to clean, some were compromised, carefully )..."


"And I'm big fan of products that BigPANDA try and feta in whey. And the correct answer: yes, it's very good."


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